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June 1, 2011

Thinking to help create new ideas.

  • Thinking to help create new ideas.
  • Explore new ideas
  • Learn to become flexible in your thinking.
  • Practice visualization
  • Create concept maps
  • Illustrative schemas
  • Sketch ideas out.
  • Explore other fields
  • Looking for new new ideas
  • Adampt and synthesize
  • Keep records of explorations
  • Keep an "Idea Journal"
  • Learn to think in possibilities
  • Vivid, diverge, be expansive
  • Generate lots of ideas and refine them.
  • Get the big picture.
  • Learn to focus on parts
  • Return to big picture.
  • Force to try new things.
  • Experiment with new strategies
  • Play with imagination
  • Think as an "idea artist"
  • Combine ideas.
  • "sleep on it", and revisit
  • Take time to imagine new possibilities.
  • Practice daydreaming
  • Look for ideas and inspirations
  • Visit ordinary places.
  • Scan books , ads & photos for new ideas.
  • Ask family members
  • Ask friends
  • Asl strangers for a fresh perspectives.
  • Brainstorm and free associate
  • Free yourself from restrictive thinking
  • de-romanticize visions of the past

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