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April 7, 2013

Child Soldier Short Film (10m) - long awaited first view

Child Soldier - 1st view comments

Excellent piece of film making! I really enjoyed how you were able to tell the story! This looked like a very large and ambitious work! I really liked how you were able to tell the story of a Child soldier from an innocent child to soldier and finally being saved. The camera angles, music, and scenes were all well done!
Stanley Malec, Film & Media AYV LEAD EDUCATOR, Etobicoke, Canada

Wonderful and very emotional film to watch. The background music was excellent and the camera angles in some of the shots were very nice. In total excellent work and congrats.
Bhuvana Sriram  AYV Educator, New Delhi, India

Congratulations, it's just unbelievable! I turned the lights off and watched it all. Excellent work by your youth and you. The actors(specially the child soldier and the main militant trainer ), the story, the settings, the scenes( some intense and some emotional), the camera work... everything is done so well.
Rajsri Ram Mohan, AYV Lead Educator, Noida, India, 

You did an excellent job conveying the emotions in this story. I like the narration, as it makes the scenes more personal. I can't get over how professional your actors are! Great performance!
Maegan Robichaud , Delia School of Canada, Hong Kong

Although the theme is quite shocking, the film is really a great piece of art. The images, sountrack, and edition have been worked in a connected way. The sequence of scenes showed how well the storyboard was done. The actors,, even though very young, seemed as professionals. Children, for sure have achieved their objectives of creating a film for social change having action/drama to report a story. Congrats to all participants.
Almerinda Garibaldi AYV Educator, Brazil

This is a wonderful piece of art which depict a burning issue that prevail sri lanka for 30 years. using the correct setting and suitable actors as well as the music behind it shows the maturity of the film director and the crew. climax of the film gives us an emotional feelings that create empathy and lighten our thoughts towards this crucial situation of the young children who became victims of war.
Anil Withanage, AYV Educator, Sri Lanka

A mature piece of art that tugs your heart strings - very professional.Thanks for sharing!Congratulations to the entire team.
Jayanthi Sridhar , CSBE, Bangalore, India

I liked how the issue was towards child soldiers. It is one of the major problems in the world. As for the video it was recorded and done well . It had good quality, nice camera angles, and the music fit in quite nicely.
Mahin Islam , Danforth Collegiate and Technical Institute, Toronto, Canada

Awesome. It has the rustic feel of the war torn Sri Lankan regions. The message is clear on how the young boys are forced into war. Great piece. Congratulations on such a wonderful project. You done a tremendous job!
Sathya Narayan, American India Foundation, Bangalore, India

Wonderful piece of work! This video is very touching. It impressed me so much. The message is very powerful. Unfortunately this is the reality and we have to do something about this. Congratulation for your great effort to create this video! I shall present it to my students next week (now they have vacation). I am sure they will enjoy it! It's a very good lesson of life. Thank you very much!
The impact on the audience is great!
Mihaela Runceanu, Colegiul National "Ecaterina Teodoroiu", Tirgu-Jiu, Romania

Excellent! Loved it!
Regina Calcagno, Agenda Global Siglo 21, Rosario, Argentina

So sad! I hope the film will be a strong signal to protect the innocence and purity of children's souls. They are the future!
Carmen Minca, IEARN-CNITV, Bucuresti, Romania

fabulous creativity......
Mujtaba Hussain, Youth Parliament of J&K, Srinagar, India

Child Soldier- very courageous to speak about a topic that is not as talked about let alone made a creative project upon. Good job for just picking up that subject to create a short film on. Your lead child actor is very good. That made your job easy. It was also great to see so many people in your film. It shows the kind of support you have from your community.
Shalaka Kulkarni, Chicago Public Schools, Chicago, United States

Truly amazing, an outstanding piece of work and to share such a story is humbling. Very expressive shots, the silhouettes and the lighting were fantastic. A truly thought provoking piece . Well directed ann executed.
Yamena Farkhani, Redbridge College, Essex, Britain (UK)

Very good film congratulations guys, the actors, the shots, the music in most of the scenes are really good. Excellent work guys!
Christian Hernandez, La Escuela de Lancaster, Distrito Federal, Mexico

Spectacular work! You and your students should be very proud. How did you do the night scenes?
 Rachel Rosen, Free the Children, Lester B. Pearson C.I., Toronto, Canada

A very atmospheric piece with good use of music and also light and sound. It is well paced with good performances.
Rakhee Jasani, Eastside Educational Trust, London, Britain (UK)

I loved how a story was incorporated to convey the message. The shots and filming of this was very well done.
Sara Yan, Danforth Collegiate & Technical Institute, Toronto, Canada