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July 30, 2015

AppSMART 2015 @ Dialog - August 8 World Youth Day

AppSMART is a project initiated by Shilpa Sayura & Dialog Idea Mart to develop 1000 young ICT, Media, Tech and Design students at early ages to enter Mobile Technology filed. The 1st training event for 100 happens on 8th August, the World Youth Day at Dialog HQ Auditorium.

Students can apply online to take part in this project.
More Information and Online Application is at

July 29, 2015

Mario Mario come play css

Pure CSS3 Bitmap Graphics

Everything here is rendered with CSS: no images, no canvas, no data URIs and no extra markup. The piCSSelz (see what I did there) are drawn with CSS gradients sized precisely to pixel boundaries. There are certainly more practical uses for this technique, but none quite as nostalgic. Stay tuned for more examples, wider support and a code generator!

July 19, 2015

CSS transition 2

box 1

CSS animation

How to Create an Aerial View Illustration of a Car in Adobe Illustrator

vector car
In this tutorial, I will show you how to create an aerial view of a car using Adobe Illustrator. The nice part about illustrating it from this angle is that you only have to draw half of the car! As reference, I am using a photograph I took of a diecast model MINI [link].

May 13, 2015

Shilpa Sayura Youth Media Creation into Adobe Award Finals

In December 2014, A torrential Rain and Floods hit North Central Sri Lanka. Ambana is a an isolated village in Moragahakanda Division severely hit by Rain. Living on low lands by the Ambana river, they became first victims. The only bridge to reach their village was collapsed. They had no support for days. AYV Youth traveled to help flood victims with their media skills learnt at AYV. Youth explored the situation and with empathy created this media piece to becoming voices of the voiceless flood victims and shared among their friends and public in social networks. The youth media resulted support and relief for Flood Victims. This is one of their stories that created impact on society resulting from AYV social action..

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