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June 2, 2011

How to create a stunning poster

  • The first task of a poster is to attract the attention. Then only message can be delivered.
  • A good poster then is one which is attention-grabbing, convincing and memorable.
  • To achieve these designers use large format and bold colour, simple and minimal text and attractive illustrations which psychologically support and reinforce the written words.
  • Poster design combines the fine and applied arts of painting, graphic design, collage, and photography.
  • Simplicity and clarity are most important features of a poster.
 Ten Tips
1. Put as little as possibleon the poster (design or text).
2. Arrange the design and lettering to attract the attention of passers-by.
3. Consider where the poster will be displayed.
4. Consider how effective it will look next to other posters.
5. Text and design should be large enough to be seen from distance .
6. Use harmonious colour combinations.
7. Design and text must complement each other.
8. Use a modern up-to-date art style.
9. The design should not detract from the impact of the words.
10. Contrast main message or graphic.
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