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June 2, 2011

Shapes : in Grphics Designing

Combining shapes and/or lines they can convey universal meanings and guide the eye.

Shapes can help us to
  • Organize, connect, separate
  • Symbolize an idea
  • Show movement
  • Convey an emotion
  • Emphasize something
There are three basic types of shapes

  • Geometric (squares, circles, and triangles , octagons, hexagons, cones)
  • Natural (trees, people)
  • Abstract (symbols, sunrays, road signs)
Natural shapes are often irregular and fluid.

Symbolizes honesty, stability, equality, comfort and uniformity. (Chess Board)
To highlight, organize, or seperate information (News Paper Columns)
Set a block of text invesed  (Special Text)
Symbolizes infinity, protective, definite, complete, security
(earth, apples,  a target ).

Replace O with a smiley , football used in logo of a newsletter
Symbolizes action or conflict, growing, dynamic,  high tech
(pyramid, arrows that points to important information)

Natural Shapes
Combining Shapes is a good idea ....

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