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January 29, 2012

Where to Find Creative Commons Photos

Alegri Photos - Abstract, Architecture, Business, Food, Industrial, Interiors, Nature, Science, Sports, Transportation, Travel, & Textures

Bugwood Images -An image database  by the University of Georgia contain over 144,000 pictures of  insects, crops, and other plants including Bugs, Farming, Insects, Nature, & Plants

Burning Well - Repository of free images donated by photographers. include Activities, Animals & Bugs, Cityscapes, Landscapes, Objects, People, Plants, & Textures

Cepolina - Over 15,000 free photos from all over the world. include Art, Africa, America, Asia, Europe, Food, Nature, Oceania, People, Technology, Transport, & Objects

Free Digital Photography -  Abstract, Architecture, Food, Nature, Miscellaneous, Science, Textures, Transportation, and Travel
Free Digital Photos - High quality images  computer generated.  include: Architecture, Business, Environment, Food, Government, Health, Nature, Objects, Science, Technology, & Travel

Free Images - Over 6,000 high quality free stock images in 78 categories Abstract, Buildings, Food, House & Home, Industry, Light, Objects, Technology, Transportation, Space, Sports, Workplace

FreeMages - There are plenty of landscapes and animals,  Buildings, Nature, People, and Places.

Free Pixels - has a lot of great free images of Abstract, Architecture, Food, Nature, Objects, Travel, & People

Gimp-Savvy - There are over 27,000 free community photographs.

IconFinder - plenty of free icons and clipart. 

Morgue File - a good stock photo websites with free image 

PD Photo - Thousands of royalty free public domain photos on Events, People, and Place.
PicDrome - 1,000 public domain pictures unique and rare include Travel, Nature, Sports & Recreation, Food, Technology, Urban, Abstract, andTextures.

Pictures of Animals - Creative commons Animals images
Pixabay - Public Domain images colorful high resolution images 

Public Domain Photos - Public domain clip-art and photos 

Stock Arch - photo community geared by photographers.Abstract, Buildings, Events, Illustrations, Recreation & Sports, Technology, Business & Industry, Objects, Nature, Places, & Transportation

Texture Warehouse - Creative commons texture website with 800 images

Urban Dirty - This website has about 800 free stock texture photographs that you can use in your artwork, blogs, articles,

US Fish and Wildlife National Digital Library - more than 11,000 great, high quality images here. Most of the images are of nature's creatures and landscapes. 99% of them are copyright free and completely in the public domain.

Wikimedia Commons - All of the images on this website have a creative commons license. 

Media Literacy in Youth Education

Media literacy provides youth skills to access, analyze, evaluate, express and create 

media and messages in various forms to influence the society. This skills of inquiry 

and creative self-expression is essaintial in 21st century education.

1. Youth require active inquiry and critical thinking about the messages they receive 

to expands thier media literacy

2. Develop skills to become informed, engage, create and reflect their own 


3. Recognize that media is a part of culture and beliefs and experiences which help 

to develop their own meanings through media

There are 5 key concepts of critical media analysis
1. media messages are constructed

2. media messages are produced within economic, social, political, historical and 

aesthetic contexts

3. the interpretative meaning-making processes involved in message reception 

consists of an interaction between the reader, the text and the culture

4. media have unique 'languages,' characteristics which typify various forms, genres 

and symbol systems of communication

5. media representations play a role in people's understanding of social reality

Uniqueness of Media

Every author is unique: 
Who you are
where do you come from, w
What do you know
Who do you know will affect makes your 'point of view' 
And make your creation different from someone or somewhere else;

Every audience is unique: 
Your message may mean different things to different people 
who they are, where they come from, and what they know and who they know;

Each medium has its own unique language: 
Films created with moving images requires different skills than words on a novel of 

the same story; 

Media can change how people see , reat and live in the real world: 
Watching what you choose to show them (from your 'point of view') can change how 

they look at your subject when they encounter it again in the real world; what you 

show them about a subject also might change how they look at YOU;

January 25, 2012

Sri Lanka Youth Produces 13 entries to AYV Global Gallery

Perspectives: Our Communities, Our World13 Sri Lankan Youth creatives have been selected by TakingITGlobal for the Global Gallery of 150 youth media creatives of  Adobe Youth Voices Program 2011. TakingITGlobal engaged nearly 3,000 youth in 18 countries for creating multimedia pieces about their communities, their issues, their hopes, and their demands. Each media piece is unique and has a distinct youth voice. Some call for action, while others call attention to an issue. Some tell stories about a community, a person, or a moment in time. Each project provides a unique insight into the aspirations, ideas, and creativity of a young person somewhere in the world. Shilpa Sayura Foundation implemented AYV in Sri Lanka.

Niranjan Meegammana
Shilpa Sayura

January 16, 2012

Editshare Lightworks Tutorials

Lightworks recently became an open source NLE (Non Linear Editor) supporting QuickTime, AVI, RED and many others. Installing Lightworks is simple on Windows 7 and you can import your footage into the bins begin editing immediately. You can create different rooms for editing, audio and videos. Rooms are like  separate spaces that can be toggled through when you are editing a moview.

It takes some time to understand the workflow after that Lightworks is a very fast and powerful NLE. It has been used on so many Hollywood films including Oscar winning film "The King’s Speech".

Lightworks : Introduction

Lightworks : Starting a New Project

Lightworks : Importing Media

Lightworks : Introduction to Bin

Lightworks : Trimming Clips

Lightworks : Adding Transitions

Lightworks : Adding Effects

Lightworks : Cutting Footage

Lightworks : Editing Tips

Lightworks : Editing Basics

Lightworks : Timeline Basics

Lightworks : Rendering Video

More Tutorials