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June 3, 2011

Camera Shots : Photography and Video

CU - Extreme Closeup

The extreme close up is used to show very small details. (Horror : Eyes, Mouth, Insect, Time, Phone Rings)

CU - Close Up
The close up shot is used to reveal detail. (Head and shoulders, News Broadcast, Discussion, Show expressions and Lip Moves)

BS- Bust Shot
Shows subject above the knees to head.

MS - Medium Shot
The medium shot is from just below the waist to above the head. Uses to show hand movements.

MLS - Medium Long Shot
Remember in this shot to not cut ther person off at the knees. With this shot, you can still see expression on the persons face, while getting more information from what is going on around the person.

LS - Long Shot
This shot is useful for someone that is walking or moving.

ELS - Extra Long Shot
Also known as the Establishing shot, this gives the viewer some perspective as to where the subject is.

2 Shot
Two-shots are composed when two people are in the scene and their interaction is important. A two-shot is a good way to introduce a conversation. You might cut an over the shoulder shot of one person talking or a close-up of the other person reacting to what is being said.

OS - Over Shoulder
The over the shoulder shot reveals one subject as seen from over the shoulder of another subject. A view of the subject as seen from the second person's eyes. Used in conversations of two people

Vertical Shot

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