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November 20, 2011

Climate Change Song RAP


people move to cities
and become big fatties 
we emit dark smokes
creating carbon skyies

our rivers turns black
you need to have look
no more fish to cook
only receipes in the book

off season rain
breaks weather chain
fine village maids
gets all the pain

lands slides and floods
sink neighbourhoods
we have shortage of foods
now people cutting woods

less and less water
our water becomes shorter
they killed my alligater
I see only a crater

chemicals to the air
it is not really fair
raining of chemicals
saving is a miracle

when oceans take land
we got to run inland
if cutting trees not banned
let deserts be our land

pollution hijacks the world 
arctics looses the cold
if people have the nurve
we can heal the word

so, reduce our wastefull ways
it is coming to end of days
make changes our ways
can't wait for the silver rays

Chorus ..
earth needs healing
climate is changing
are we really dancing
or are we fooling
have you no feeling
problems are breeding
come for the saving
youth are now leading

What I'd Cook For My Teacher

If I cooked hot lunch for my teacher,
I would start out with rattlesnake stew.
Then I’d serve her a centipede salad
And a tall glass of milk mixed with glue.
Next, a seaweed and jellyfish sandwich,
For dessert, an a-chooberry pie.
When she finally finds out what she’s eaten,
I hope the old bat doesn’t die.

Bruce Lansky

Be Creative .. Dont hate your teacher
Reverse this verse to make it a good meal

November 11, 2011

Digital Story Telling - How to make digital strories

Digital story is a short video of 1 - 3 munites
It actually tells a strory, engaging audience with a new experience.
Its delivered and exibitted online or offline using digital tools like computers and multimedia. Althouth its short the process is the same.

Write a script with first person narrative of 100-400 words , 1 to 4 minutes max
Audion record the naration, use a tool to make a video. Microsoft photo story, Adobe premire there are many...

Add Background Music, Titles, Transitions, and Effects
Present or publish finished version of story

Step 1:
What do you want to tell
Think small.
The story about someone important in your memory.
pay tribute to someone who passed on but left a lasting impression.

The story about an event in your life.
Personal journey , share your experiences
achieving a goal, graduating from school, or winning an award

The story about a place in your life.

The story about what I do,
value of your work, hobbies, or social interactions

Discoveries : how we uncovered a truth or learned how to do something.
Collect Your Materials
Start collecting memories. Take photos, creative common photos, videos,
  • Get personal. Forget everything you've been taught about using a dispassionate, authoritative, essay-like voice. This isn't an essay contest. People want to hear your voice. The story must be told from your point of view.
  • Write a first drafts
  • Write short.
  • Read your script aloud as you're fine-tuning it. Simple words hit...
  • Be real. Be emotional , touch heats. break minds
  • Have a begining, Middle and End
  • The beginning sets the dramatic tension to hold throughout the story. The middle outlines conflicts along the way. The end is the destination, revealing a small discovery, revelation, or insight.

    desire-action-realization model.
Work on the pace, rhythm and tempo of the tory to sustains an audience Experience.
Trust your voice. All of us have our own distinctive style of storytelling. Trust yours.
Read your script to a friend
Create a Storyboars - plot out the sequences of events and visuals (camera shots) in the movie
Produce Your Media
720x540-pixel range photos should be the minumum size
Record a Voice-Over
Add Music
Consider Copyrights
Edit Your Story
Share Your Stor

November 8, 2011

Adobe Youth Voices : Creatives

Let Us be Free!
Artist : Grayathri Karunaraja - Pushpadana Girls Collage, Kandy.