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November 20, 2011

Climate Change Song RAP


people move to cities
and become big fatties 
we emit dark smokes
creating carbon skyies

our rivers turns black
you need to have look
no more fish to cook
only receipes in the book

off season rain
breaks weather chain
fine village maids
gets all the pain

lands slides and floods
sink neighbourhoods
we have shortage of foods
now people cutting woods

less and less water
our water becomes shorter
they killed my alligater
I see only a crater

chemicals to the air
it is not really fair
raining of chemicals
saving is a miracle

when oceans take land
we got to run inland
if cutting trees not banned
let deserts be our land

pollution hijacks the world 
arctics looses the cold
if people have the nurve
we can heal the word

so, reduce our wastefull ways
it is coming to end of days
make changes our ways
can't wait for the silver rays

Chorus ..
earth needs healing
climate is changing
are we really dancing
or are we fooling
have you no feeling
problems are breeding
come for the saving
youth are now leading

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