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May 2, 2013

Top Creative Media AYV Sri Lanka 2013

Following are some of the top creatives produced by Youth participating in Adobe Youth Voices program implemented by Shilpa Sayura Foundation. The training program included Digital Photography, Graphics Design and Photo Editing, Video Production, Script Writing, Storyboarding and Video Editing for Short Films.

 The camera training included basic digital cameras and Canon T4i Rebel DSLR photography and video. Youth were trained in Culture, Environment & Wildlife Photography, Sports and Wedding photography. Software training included Adobe Photoshop Elements, Adobe Premiere Elements and Adobe Master Collection software Adobe Photoshop CS6, Premiere CS6, After Effects CS6, Audition CS 6 & Flash CS6. Adobe foundation, takingITGlobal, Canada and Education Development Center, USA assisted with purchasing equipment and training of Educators online and in USA.

 Among major productions were Child Soldier short film where over 100 members took part in production. The finished product was commended by AYV Educators worldwide as Creative, Excellent and Professional.

3 Creative works were chosen for Adobe Aspire Awards Finals in Photo Essay, Poster Campaign and Unicef Challenge Category.

3R for Women Empowerment

Smiles of a Stone Breaker

ACT NOW even in small ways

My Culture - Our World
21st Century Leader

Music Brings Youth Together

Even Crows Don't Like

Flip Cam Director

Nano Technology

Child Soldier Photo Essay

Watch Child Soldier Short Film

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