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June 2, 2011

Designing a poster : What to know

Posters are designed to communicate a message to cause great impact on the viewer.To make the posters more communicating, it should have a precise message Remember! your goal is to convey a clear message
and support it with a compelling combination of images. 

  List things you want your audience to learn?
What is your message! 
  • Combine them to create one sentence.
  • Derive your main message - be bold & be explicit.
  • Symbollise what you need to say
  • Focus on your message throughout the poster.
  • the message conveyed should hit the target audience well
  • and stay in their minds for a longer period of time to make an impact.
  • Graphics in poster matter a lot,
  • it is necessary to find the most appropriate graphics
  • The graphics can lead to message distortion.
  • Colors play a vital role in attracting the audience and retaining their interest
  • balance amount of colors that will be used in the design, taking into consideration the message
  • The number of colors being used is far important than the way it is used.
  • Sometimes using four colors is effective; however, in some cases one or two colors may also have a great impact on the viewer.
  • Information overload can spoil the message and confuse the reader
  • A posters should have different reading levels in the space available
Emotional Element
  • to attract the audience, emotional appeal has a greater impact.
  • your poster design should have at least some emotional element in it.
Poster comopistion
  • A proper composition creates a combined impact.
  • These elements are text, image, layout, color and miscellany.
  • The combined influence comes from elements in the poster.
Location of Display
  • The location where you want to display the poster is important
  • Notice Boards
  • Bus Halt
  • Store
  • Public Wall
  • Hoardings
  • Computer
The targeted audience to whom the message is being conveyed

An effective poster is ...
  • Focused : Focused on a single message.
  • Graphic : Lets graphics tell the story; uses text lightly.
  • Ordered : Keeps the sequence well-ordered and obvious.
An effective poster operates on multiple levels
  • source of information
  • conversation starter
  • advertisement of your work
  • summary of your work
  • An effective poster uses a visual grammar.
  • An effective poster shows, not tells.
  • An effective poster attracts enthusiastic audiences
A poster uses Visual Grammar
  • An effective poster uses a different, visual grammar.
  • It shows, not tells. It expresses your points in graphical terms.
  • It avoids visual chaos,
  • It guides the viewer by using a visual logic
  • It emphasizes the main points.
  • All elements are visible from 4 feet away
  • It displays the essential content - the messages - in the title, main headings and graphics.
  • It indicates the relative importance of elements graphically:
  • each main point is stated in large type-face headings;
  • details are subordinated visually, using smaller type-face.
  • The main headings explain the points
Many posters suffer from
  • main point is hard to find
  • text too small
  • poor graphics
  • poor organization
Define your audience
- Who will learn something from your poster
- Who will you want to see the poster

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