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July 24, 2011

Techniques for Engaging the Target Audience

Understanding of the needs and interests of your target audience comes first. Who are they? What they want ?
How can we make them react emotionally to the content.

Interest in other people is common among us. We like to "experience the experiences" of other people,
Example. Romantic, Dangerous, Wretched, or spiritual acts.

Make them gain new insights and exposure to new points of view. Which means learning new things.

Viewers like to reinforce their existing attitudes and, right or wrong.

Viewers react to against ideas that disturb their beliefs.

Be careful when challenging widely held beliefs.

Dont make messenger to be blamed for the message.

Audiences also like to hear about things that are new and exciting.

Check out similar productions from the past.

Determine the overall value of the production.

Put it down on paper. Write a proposal not script.

Write the script acceptable to your Team.

Create the storyboard consisting key scenes with dialogue, sound effects, and music.

Develop a Production Schedule

Draw up a production schedule.

Select Key Production Personnel
Producer, writer, production manager, director, creative team, assistants, technical staff and extras

Decide On Key Locations

Decide On Talent, Wardrobe and Sets

Arrange transportation, catering and accommodations

Obtain Permits, Insurance, and Clearances

Select Video Inserts,

Still Photos, and Graphics

Arrange to shoot video and inserts, still photos

Start rehearsing and shooting.

Recorded one scene at a time.

Do Postproduction Follow-Up

Begin Editing Phase
Cuts, Joining, Inserts, Music, Naration, Transitions, Effets

Review and Fine tune

Public Exhibition

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