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July 31, 2011

Digital Storytelling Steps, Checks and Preparation

1. Point of View
What is the main point of the story?
What is the perspective of the author?

2. A Dramatic Question
What is the key question that keeps the viewer's

How will it be answered by the end of the story.

3. Emotional Content
What issue will make a person come alive?
How will you connect the audience to the story

4. The Gift of Your Voice
How would you use your voice help audience understand

the context.

5. The Power of Music and Sounds
Which music and sounds will you use tosupport and

embellish the storyline.

6. Economy of content
How would you use enough content to tell the story

without overloading the viewer.

7. Pacing The rhythm
How slowly or quickly does the story progresses.

The requirements of a digital story some times varies
Unversity of Houstan developped following 10 steps

1. The Overall Purpose of the Story

2. The creaters Point of View

3. A Dramatic Question or Questions

4. The Choice of Content

5. Clarity of Voice

6. Pacing of the Narrative

7. Use of a Meaningful Audio Soundtrack
8. Quality of the Images, Video

9. Economy of the Story Detail

10. Good Grammar and Language Usage

1. Describe an event or occasion where you went from being a passive observer to an active participant.

How did this shift affect the way you experienced the event?

Your example could be something as simple as
going from being a passenger in a car to actually driving the vehicle,or it could involve a more complex situation, like an accident

2. If you are working on a project for a specific interactive medium or platform, make a list of the types of interactivity the medium or platform lends to you to make good use of the platform’s strengths and avoiding its weaknesses?

3. Take a very simple, familiar story and work out different ways it would be changed.

Take examples from child’s nursery rhyme, or a little human-interest pieces from a newspapers or magazines.

4. Using a simple story, redesign
it as two different experiences

5. Based on what you know create a satisfactory story

Some of the questions need addressing

1. What is the goal of the project?
increase awareness of air pollution, especially
pollution produced by motor vehicles.

2. Who would be our target audience?

3. What is the project’s objective?

raise awareness
educate people
inform simple steps could be taken
to reduce air polution

4. What format would we use to get the message across?

5. How would be be structured?

The Checks of a creation

What is the the core idea in a nutshell?
What is the primary challenge?
How will make it engaging?
What are the essential qualities in a single sentence.

What is the purpose of the project:
To entertain? To teach or inform?
To make people laugh? To sell?

What information will you need to meet this purpose? How will you obtain this information?

What medium will be used for this project?

What type of platform?

What special technology will you use?

What genre does it fall into?

What are the special strengths and limitations of the medium, platform, and technology?

How will the project take advantage of these strengths and minimize these limitations?

What are the key characteristics the genre?

What competing products in this genre are already out?

Who is this project intended for?

What kinds of things are important to people in this group? What type of entertainment do they enjoy?

What are their needs, hopes, and fears?
How technically sophisticated are they?

5. SETTING, WORLDS, AND CHARACTERS: What is the central fictional setting or world of your project?

What kinds of smaller worlds can it be divided?

What kinds of actions or events might take place in
these worlds?

What kinds of characters might inhabit them?

Who would the main character and other good guys be, and who would be the bad guys?

What challenges or dangers are inherent to these

What kinds of special talents or abilities are required to operate successfully within these settings?

6. USER’S ROLE: What role will the audience play?

What will he or she do after viewing ?
What is the nature of the user’s involvement expected?
How will the viewer effect the project outcome?
How do the characters, connect with the user? How

7. GOAL: What is the overarching goal of the fictional construct?

What mission are characters given in terms of trying to achieve this goal?

What kinds of things can the charactor do to enable the goal to be fulfilled?

What kinds of intermediate and smaller goals will the charactor be given along the way?

What will hook the user?

What is the nature of the oppositional forces that the charactor will encounter?

What kinds of obstacles or challenges will need to be dealt with?

What will add tension to the experience?

Will some kind of ticking clock be built into the
movie? like a bomb explosion time, end of world

How will the charactor be rewarded when he or she succeeds at a task?

How will the project be structured?
What will the general organizing principle be?
Over how long a time is the fictional experience supposed to last?
How will the passing of time be indicated?

How will users be made aware of the structure?

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