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July 8, 2011

Animation as creative media for youth

and sequencing ideas, using words and pictures.

Animation works because of a trick of the human eye called the persistence of vision. When light is used or controlled in the proper way, the eye “remembers” an image it has seen for a split second. If the image is replaced quickly enough with one that is only slightly different, a two-dimensional graphic can appear to be moving.

Adobe Youth Voices Essentials: Animation Curriculum
Visit the Adobe Youth Voices Essentials website to access an array of curricula to help get you started with youth media making.

Promoting ‘Awareness through Animation,’ this organization provides professional development and
curriculum for animation projects. Their gallery of media works is a great source of youth-produced PSAs, and, moreover, Adobe Youth Voices is one of the featured projects.

Animation: Creating Movement Frame by Frame
This comprehensive resource, created by Young Minds Inspired and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, offers a study guide on animation terminology and techniques.

Teaching Simple Animation: Fun with Thaumatropes and Other Big Words
An orientation to teaching young people about animation. Instructions for facilitating two simple hands-on animation projects—thaumatropes and flipbooks—are provided, and many more resources such as lesson

plans and a flipbook gallery are linked from this page:
Animation is an engaging and fun and a great way help youth better understand storytelling

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