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July 8, 2011

Digital Photography Techniques for Youth and Kids

Following is a step wise approach to teach Youth and Kids digital photography.

Step 1: Using a camera
How to hold camera right ?
How to pass the camera ?
How ro turn it on and off ?
How to insert and eject memory disks ?
How to work the shutter button ?
How to use the viewfinder and focus it to users eye ?
How to care for the camera ?
How moisture can damage camera?|

Step 2 : Angles and FramesWhat is a camera angle?
How to tilt the camera while shooting a picture?
What is up angle, down angle and straight shot?
How to get higher and down angles?
How to compose a shot?
How to work with light?
How to keep distances?
What is the  idea of level? eye level, high or low.
What is the focus: sharp or soft?
What is framing?

 Step 3 : Taking a better photoWhat is shutter speed?
What is apperture?
What is ISO?
What is image quality ?
How to take photos from three angles of the same object?
What is Exporsure?
What is Good Composition?
What is the idea of distance: close, middle or far ?
What is Zooming ?
What are shadows?
When to use Tripods?
How to photogrph moving objects?

How to photogrph night ?
How to photogrph sunlight  ? How to protect eyes?
Step 4 : EditingHow to transfer photos from camera to the computer?
How to select good photos ?
What are good photos?
How to delete and name files?
How to resize photos?
How to edit levels?
How to edit lightness and contrast?
How to edit color balances?
How to blur unwanter areas
How to cut photos?
How to edit photos? Layers ? Marques? Paths?
How to adjust tones?
How to add effects?
How to title photos?
How to save in different formats?

Step 5: Rights

What is Privacy?
What are Copyrights ?
What is creative commons?

What not to photograph?
How to share photographs?

Where to publish photos?

Step 6 : Advanced photography
What are accessories for digital cameras?
How to exploit various sources of light?
How to be effective with low-light photography.
How to capture expressive portraits of adults, children ?
How to photograph objects in motion?
How ro shoot panoramas, architecture, landscapes, products, food, cars, and pets?

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