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June 1, 2013

How to make a successful short film

Scott Macaula writes about learning from peers as the core benefits of attending the Cannes Film Festival. He says Cannes is the best place for that. Now you are not able to visit Cannes, lets visit it online. 

These are his tips for film producers.

Learn how to collaborate :

Have multiple partners. Use a less hierarchical producing model through collaboration.The managing of the flow of information between talents, crew and producers is quite important. For public information create a blog, facebook page and LinkedIn Project. For private information use google docs and google group. A youtube channel and a flicker stream shall help your film rock. 

Work the subsidies :
Covering as much of the budget as possible through soft money like crowdfunding helps. Goto with your film idea to increase the amount of equity from other sources.

Don’t pitch your budget, pitch your story.

Seek new markets. 

Generate good news.
Show some positive creative development — to keep spirits high even as the overall process remains tough?

A good script trumps everything:
Subsidies, rebates, cross-media, foreign sales potential

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